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Project coordinator:

National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics

Activities and resposibilities:

  • Coordinates project activities
  • Carries out experiments for various process and materials parameters
  • Develops technologies for obtaining improved complex magnetic FM/AFM nanostructures for data storage applications, using sequential laser deposition.


  • Lasers with various pulse durations (ns, ps) and emission wavelengths
  • Vacuum chambers with controlled atmosphere
  • Computer-controlled multi-target system


National Institute of Materials Physics          


  • Analyzes global crystalline structure, composition and phases of the nanostructures obtained by the coordinator
  • Ensures measurement of magnetic properties of the nanostructures


  • Commercial Quantum Design MPMS system
  • Quantum Design ultrasensitive SQUID magnetometer

University Politehnica of Bucharest         


  • Analyzes the morphology and local crystalline structure of the nanostructures obtained by the coordinator


  • HRTEM with 2 Å point resolution, STEM/HAADF detector, EDS and SAD system
  • SEM with EDAX spectrometer
  Last update: 2.12.2014